vCloud "The operation failed because no suitable resource was found. Could not find a suitable datastore in hub There is no usable datastore"


vCD : 5.6.4 and 8.10

I have faced the same issue The operation failed because no suitable resource was found. Hub "Resources" doesn't have enough "*"...

I'm not able to deploy new VMs or increase Hard Disk of existing VMs which reside on the datastore cluster via vCloud, but I can do it directly in vCenter.

I have deployed test environment and added 20Gb datastore to datastore cluster. New tag has been created and assigned to the datastore. Storage Policy created based on the tag.

In vCloud I reduced red threshold to a minimum - 1Gb

Storage Policy set to unlimited in Org VDC


The maximum size of VM which vCloud allows me to create on the datastore cluster is 9GB HDD (+1Gb RAM)

Datastore Capacity - 19.75Gb

Provisioned - 11.02Gb

Free - 9.84Gb

When I'm trying to add 1Gb to VM's HDD vCloud shows me the error below even though there 9.84Gb free space. I can easily create VM on the datastore using vCenter and vSphere Client


I tried this SQL query to verify database entity Deploying vShield Edge Appliance or vApp fails with the error: Hub "Resources" doesn't have enough "...

0x0197D882922F432F875D259E043AA009    resgroup-565    T2-policy    9047    1024

0x0197D882922F432F875D259E043AA009    resgroup-607    T2-policy    9047    1024

0x0197D882922F432F875D259E043AA009    resgroup-608    T2-policy    9047    1024

I don't understand why this is happening.

Are there any restrictions from vCloud?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Solved the issue by recreating datastore cluster and refreshing storage policy.

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Glad to hear that issue has been solved by recreating datastore cluster etc.

But prior to that did you checked that if your vCD DB has any storage reservations? Storage reservation can happen because of following:

1: You are trying to upload vApp/ISO to catalogs and it failed midway and vcd was unable to clear the space taken by iso/template in vcddb. When import is started, at that time VCD asks vcddb to reserve space equal to size of iso/vApp template in database. Mostly this size is cleared post failed deployment but if at the time when deployment failed if there is some latency issue between vcd and vcddb reservations are left in DB.

2: Reservations also appears in database when trying to deploy a vApp from catalog and deployment is failed midway.

3: Trying to transfer a VM from vSphere to vCloud Director using vCC.

Also I believe you are aware of the fact that when a datastore reaches red threshold in vcd, vcd placement algorithm is unable to place any vm there

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