vCloud Director on a Single Node Cluster

Hi, for my home lab I want to run vCD on a single host. The host itself is powerful enough to run the cloud stack VM workloads but I have one significant problem: vCD tries to put the host into maintenance mode when "preparing". In a single node cluster: very bad idea Smiley Wink So my approach was to

1) Install vCloud Agent manually via VIB with esxcli

2) Connect vCenter to vCD and create Provider vDC

3) Cancel maintenance mode task in vSphere Client when vCD tries to prepare the host => Task fails

4) Stop vCD service

5) Go to vCD database and set the IS_PREPARED and IS_ENABLED flags in MANAGED_SERVER table

6) Start vCD service

Unfortunately, when I restart the vCD service the host still shows as not prepared and disabled. Is there anything else I need to change in the DB or is my procedure faulty?



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

In case if you are not planning to install / use VCDNI network you can skip agent installation by adding

"backend.installHostAgentForVcdni = 0" in $VCLOUD_HOME/etc/global.properties file and restart the vCD

This will skip maintenance mode task and agent installation too, but your host will be prepared.

Hope this help

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