vCloud Director, Tkgm and CSE

Hi all,

I'm facing a strange error in a configuration of vCloud Director to enable kubernetes cluster for my tenants.  Opening the tenant portal and then more --> Kubernetes Container Clusters --> New, I'm trying to create a tenant k8s cluster. Arriving at 28% of the composing the vApp, the system delete it with error:

Operation: Error creating cluster 'my-cluster'. Deleting cluster (rollback=True)
Job ID: e3232136-2380-424b-8d12-5a7de931c0ec
Object: createCluster : my-cluster - urn:vcloud:entity:cse:nativeCluster:c4eec5f8-c469-4f71-94ff-55f47609e2b5
Type: definedEntity
Organization: my-org
Initiator: administrator
Start Time:09/19/2022, 09:27:27 AM
Completion Time:09/19/2022, 09:28:14 AM
Service Namespace: com.vmware.vcloud
Details: Error adding control plane node: failure on creating nodes ['mstr-knkg'] Error:No available ips found for cluster my-cluster (urn:vcloud:entity:cse:nativeCluster:c4eec5f8-c469-4f71-94ff-55f47609e2b5)

What could be due to this behavior?

My tenant my-network has 250 ip available. Currently I have no Load Balancer (neither NSX ALB nor HA proxy) configured.

CSE server is up and running.

I thought that the ip is looking for should come from my-network, but probably is not.

Deselecting "Delete cluster if cluster creation fails", during creation I can notice that the control plane gateway ip came from the network, my-network, I supposed before. 

Furthermore deselecting "Delete cluster if cluster creation fails", after cluster creation proceeding to manual deleting the task never finish holding the status: DELETE:IN_PROGRESS.

VCD: 10.4


CSE: 3.1.4

vCenter Server / Esxi: 7.0.3

NSX ALB: 22.1.1

TKG: v1.22.6+vmware.1-vsc0.0.17-20026652

It is possible from the error to understand what am i doing wrong and where should i configure the ip it's looking for? Do you need more information?

It seems very strange, didn't it?

Thanks in advance 



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