vCloud Director: Copied Media File Error

I am having this issue but it is not consistent, meaning some media file (iso) in public catalog i could just copy to my organization catalog without no issue.

So this particular iso for example,i keep having with this error (attached for the snip)

"Internal Server Error

- Object of type [MEDIA] with handle URI of [urn:uuid:d2763a2a-b10c-4459-a6ac-8be426c7405d] not found"

From the log, it doesnt tell any much of what caused it.

I could confirm there isnt any issue related with dire state of storage space since this iso only in 3GB size.

The same with storage policies i checked is enabled.

Any idea where to look  and how to fix this?

I will appreciated your input,thanks.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

What version of Cloud Director are you running?

Looks like a similar issues was resolved in 5.5.1: VMware vCloud Director 5.5.1 Release Notes

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

We had a slightly different issue in our environment where a catalog item deletion or trying to move that item to some other catalog was failing with error similar to:

Catalog Item not found: urn:uuid:22b2bd3f-7571-421b-8521-615e358d4c1e

This was problem with vCD 5.6 and 6.X in our environment and after raising abug with Dev team, we got following workaround

Create a new catalog with name say "Test"

Perform following queries in vccdb

Select id from catalog where name = 'Test';

-- 0xA98B41B495C1416AB1C65C14F72A619B

select * from logical_disk where name = 'Rhel6';

-- 0x75962741611A4FB2AA68D0789FFC06C2

Push the records of problematic catalog item to newly created catalog

insert into catalog_item(id,name,description,entity_id,entity_type,catalog_id,properties,date_created,advanced_properties,transfer_session_id,version_number,item_status,source_uri,last_successful_sync,content_etag)


(NEWID(),'new vapp',NULL,0x75962741611A4FB2AA68D0789FFC06C2,'',0xA98B41B495C1416AB1C65C14F72A619B,'0xACED0005737200116A6176612E7574696C2E486173684D61700507DAC1C31660D103000246000A6C6F6164466163746F724900097468726573686F6C6478703F400000000000007708000000010000000078',

'2013-11-05 23:03:28.237',NULL,NULL,5,'READY',NULL,NULL,NULL);

Post that we were able to delete the item from both old and new catalog. This issue we were encountering for both vApp template and iso files

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