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vCloud Director 10.3 deployed but cannot browse to it.

Deployed the OVA without any issues and this is the console afterwards:



So all looks good.  However all attempts at pointing a browser to it fail.

"Refused to connect"

Tried all variations of http, https, adding ":5480", etc.  Tried different browsers.

Even installed the OVA in a completely different environment with the exact same results.

Can log into the console no problem and can ping with no problems.

Any suggestions?

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So I had a similar issue recently with vROPS.  After much back and forth, it came down to the network configuration setting on the host - I needed to add a vmnic which was on the same subnet of the datastores it needed access to - once this was added, I redeployed using static IP/network info and I was able to browse to the IP.

Hopefully this helps as it sounds exactly the same, and caused a lot of headache.  

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