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vCloud Connector imports fail: OVF Export failed. Premature end of file


When trying to import VMs I constantly get the error: OVF Export failed. Premature end of file

I have been able to import a VM a few days ago, but now nothing works, whatever I try. I walk through the wizard, point to my vCenter Server 5.1 as source, my vCloud 5.5 as target and then I press VALIDATE and after everything is ok, I press finish. Within half a minute after starting the task, I see the taks fail in the vCloud Connector interface, though on vCenter I can still see the import task hanging at "in progress" but no percentage is mentioned. After 5min that task timeouts as well.

The only change in this environment lately was the upgrade of the vCloud Director from 5.1 (old build) to 5.5 latest build. After that I unregistered the connector on the vCloud Connector Server and reregister again.


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