vCD 1.5 to 5.1 upgrade & roll back plan.

I am currently running a vCD 1.5 environment which I need to upgrade to 5.1 but want to make sure I have a way back should I encounter any issues with my environment afterwards.

I have an idea on how to achieve this and wanted to run it past the community for feedback.

The steps I'm thinking of taking are:

1) Stop all activity on the vCloud cells

2) Backup the vCloud SQL database

3) Take a VMware snapshot of the vCloud director Cells

4) Take a VMware snapshot of the vShield Manager

5) Run the vCloud upgrade and also upgrade the SQL database

6) Run the vShield Upgrade

7) Test the environment

If things don't go as planned, my roll back approach is as follows:

1) Stop all vCloud cells

2) Restore SQL database

3) Revert to snapshot on vCloud Cells

4) Revert to snapshot on vShield Manager

Do I need to do anything else?

Should I worry about the resource vCenter server or the hosts attached to the vCloud Cells? Do the ESXi agents get updated?

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That is basicly the same plan I used for my vCloud 1,5 -> 5,1 upgrade.

I did not try to revert everything went fine, so I never tested id.

But it looks fine.

Best regards Frank Brix Pedersen blog:


I'm going to give it a go today and also try to roll back just to test the process for future reference.

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