VM network interface with manual IP has no IP

I have a case where I'm creating many instances from terraform code. I need to assign IP's manually and despite there is such possibility in terraforms vcd_vm and GUI, it's not working. I've tried adding and removing interfaces manually from UI panel in Cloud Director, but despite those are showing up and dissapearing on "ip a" list, no IP is being assigned.
I tried adding IP into /etc/network/interfaces and this works, but it's not useful when I want to create many instances with different, declared IP's.
Are guest additions needed to achieve this? (I tried to mount them from VDC VM panel, but without luck - each mount ended with an error saying that image is not available).

EDIT: Network adapter is VMXNET3
EDIT2: Going through go files of VCD_VM terraform resource, I did stumbled upon a comment stating that VM tools are required. Now I have
VMware Tools (10346) installed (through `apt-get install open-vm-tools`), restarted machine 2 times, still no luck. 
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