VM Unresolved Status vCloud10.1

Hi There,

I've a machine with unresolved status in vCloudDirector 10.1.

I already try to stop or start (via powercli it's the only way) and i get always the same error.

Start-CIVM : 6/17/2020 10:17:48 AMStart-CIVM  BAD_REQUEST: [ 6aad16eb-83b1-4912-b1d0-2273bad3c626 ] The requested operation on vApp

"XXXXXXXXXXXXX" is not supported in its current state.

When i try to delete it using the following commands :

  1. $civapp = "Test" 
  2. $civm = Get-CIVM -vApp $civapp -Name "VM1" 
  3. $civm.ExtensionData.Delete()

I get the following error:

Exception calling "Delete" with "0" argument(s): "[ 0dfd3726-7faa-4737-9271-94a9c9a791a9 ] The requested operation could not be executed on VM "XXXXXX". Stop

the VM and try again."

At line:1 char:1

+ $civm.ExtensionData.Delete()

+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CloudException

I thought this was resolve in V5.5 of vCloud director but in 10.1 persist Smiley Sad

I already powered off in the vCenter this machine but the status still as unresolved on vCloud, for vCenter is everything OK.

How could I resolve this issue? Any hits?



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I have the exact same issue in my lab with vCD 10.1.1 after a failed vApp deploymenet. I tried to delete the vApp and/or the VM with Powershell or the API and no way found.

I also tried to update them from the Posgres db without success, (last time I had such an issue it worked fine on 9.5)

Postgres commands you can try to fix the status of you VM/vApp to delete them :

sudo -u postgres psql

\l (show all database present on server)

\c vcloud (connect to database vcloud)

select * from vm_container where name = 'VMNAME'; (in the result you can find the SG_ID and VM ID for the following command)

update vm_container set creation_status = 'RESOLVED' where sg_id = '4dc82adf-2a76-477d-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

update vapp_vm set creation_status = 'RESOLVED' where id = '2c5dff0b-6ef4-4aa8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

Please note that it's totaly unsupported Smiley Wink

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Does Start-CIVM work for you on 10.1.1? I find that it does start the VM but also errors out. I submitted a SR but nothing so far on this. If it works, what version of powercli are you using? I am using 12.0.

I ended up just calling REST API in powershell to start the VM so I could continue my testing on our QA.

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