VCD deployment over production

We have an existing Production running over vSphere 6.7, now wanting to deploy VCD 10.x and NSX so to provide multi-tenancy and self services to the tenants. The question is - what is the best deployment approach here?

Option 1: Deploy and Configure VCD with NSX over this existing vSphere environment (brownfield). 

Option 2: Create a new vSphere cluster environment (greenfield), deploy vCD with NSX and then migrate (import?) workloads.

Option 3: Other solutions?

Any potential concerns for choosing option 1? For example, can I transfer existing network and storage layouts into vCD? Secondly, what if my deployment gets broken and any possible ways to revert back? Are there any Best practices?

In option 2, it looks as straight forward but should we factor a workload migration?  Could we configure networks without overlapping and retain same workload IPs (not considering vxlan at this stage)?

Thank you for the assistance!

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