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VCD Upgrade Host issue

completed an upgrade of my vcd 1.01 lab to vcd 1.5 and as the final step upgraded the ESX host from 4.1 to 5.0, after the ESX upgrade i have the following error present in the VCD GUI.

Failed to upgrade the agent on host "nvavhesx01.vmlab.local". Consult the agent logs.
- Failures occurred during prepare of host "nvavhesx01.vmlab.local".
- The vCloud Director operation has timed out.
VirtualCenter task (moref: task-1621) failed in VirtualCenter 'PVDCVC01.mindcloud.local' (86c86273-a964-47a0-bcbe-003f4605cb74).
- Operation timed out.

I have tired to disable / re-enable the host reboot which forces an upgrade attempt and manually upgrade the EXS host agents but it always fails.  This is the only host in the PVDC of my lab so i cannot un prepare and then prepare the host...

any ideas appreciated.

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Hi Wade,

Would it be possible for you to manually remove and then reinstall the vCD agent on the host in question?  Have you tried to do a repair on the host?

Maybe this will work:


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