Unable to update or rename some of the VMs in vCloud Director

Unable to Update the compute resource like RAM & CPU (add or remove) (add or remove) & even rename VMs etc of some virtual machines in vCloud Director 10.
Mostly Linux based machines and especially the Linux Machines with Shared storage.
- Tried update after turning it off but no success.
- Tried update after turning off all the VMs with shared storage but the same issue.
- Resources quota is enough
- Used Organization admin account
- Working fine with all the updates for over 80 percent of VMs.

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Do you have any further details?

1. What is the result of trying to update or rename a VM? Is there an error message? Any indication at all?

A good starting place is to tail the vcloud-container-debug.log file:

tail +F /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs/vcloud-container-debug.log

Be aware that depending on how busy your environment is, the debug logs can roll over fairly quickly.

List the debug.log files in the /logs directory and you'll see 10 files all at 50MB. The size and number of logs can be adjusted in the file in /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/etc/

Check the date written and that will give you an idea of how frequent the logs roll.

1. Have an SSH session open in another window and enter your tail command. You could even pipe that through to a grep and filter on the VM name, moref or any other pertinent information which could help pinpoint the log entry.

2. Rename the VM

3. Make a note of the time 

3. Stop the tail, cp the debug.log file to another file and navigate to the timestamp at which the event occurred

You could even use something like LNAV to watch the logs.

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