Unable to create vApp at vCloud 5.1

Hay to all,

I have a problem with one of my lab enviroments.

In this setup I have a 2 hosts cluster (bouth are ESXi 5.0 Update 1) and a vCenter Server 5.0 U2 to manage them.

I installed vCloud 5.1 on them a while ago, and everything was working well so far.

Since yesterday, I see two errors:

1) When looking at the "Cloud Cells" tab under the "manage & Monitor" section, this error pops out: "None of the cells have a vCenter proxy service running."

2) In an Organization that I created when the system was first deployed and was working fine since, I'm unable to preform any kind of actions; when trying to stop a working vApp, it gets stuck on "Stopping..." and won't acutally stop, and when trying to create a new vApp, I get the following error: "Folder vApp_system_7 (250e3bb4-4923-4640-af3a-efdfda24bcd7) does not exist in our inventory, but vCenter Server claims that it does."

What I tryed to do so far:

1) Restart the cells.

2) Restart the DB server

3) Restart vCenter Inventory service

4) Restart the vCenter server itself

5) Disable and re-connect the vCenter to vCloud

Obviously that changed nothing...

I have no idea what to do next, so any help would be highly appreciated.

-Ariel G.

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Solved it by cleaning the QRTZ tables in the database.

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