Stateless Auto-Preparation of vCloud Hosts

Dear community,

I have built a vCloud Director 5.1 deployment using Auto-Deployed hosts for the Provider VDC.  In order for the auto-deployed hosts to function as vCloud hosts, I had to build in the vCloud agent VIB into the image-profile that is used by Auto-Deploy.  This all works fine, but the problem I'm having is that the hosts will not automatically prepare themselves within the vCloud environment.  I have to log in as the system's admin level account and manually prepare each host after it has booted.  According to the documentation, "For preparation and unpreparation of stateless hosts, vCloud Director configures the agent using a host profile with an associated answer file."  However, I am unable to find anything in the answer file I generate with this image-profile that pertains to the vCloud agent configuration.  I would love to be able to dynamically size my PVDC clusters depending on load, but it seems I cannot get past this manual preparation requirement.

Has anyone had any experience in fully automating the deployment of stateless vCloud resource provider hosts?



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I only have seen this once or twice, and I think there was some post script after the ESXi host was booted to call something to prepare the host afterwards.  Here is the example command:

VMware vCloud Director 5.5 Documentation Center