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Span OrgVDC accross multiple sites


we have a vCloud Director instance which spans two sites (Layer 2) and we want to give a user the option to decide on which site his VM or vApp will be deployed.

I thought that I could create a second ProviderVDC and span the OrgVDC accross the two ProviderVDCs if this is possible.

The vCAT 3.1 describes the use case:

"8.2 The fifth use case is to provide a mechanism to allow end users to consume resources that are physically distributed in different locations for increased resiliency. When the resiliency of the end-user workload is managed at the application level, the end users can instantiate loosely coupled virtual machines in standalone provider virtual data centers distributed at remote locations, thus achieving scalability and resiliency. In this case, the end user is responsible for managing the resiliency of the application."

This is exactly what I want to do.

Can anyone help?

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