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Routed Network problem - traffic not going through


I have a problem after configuring a ORG VDC Routed Network.

Problem consists of the traffic from the VM doesn't pass through the Edge Gateway.

  1. Edge Gateway (EG)  Firewall is configured to "Allow all"
  2. EG is configured for DNS relay
  3. Form within the VM, I'm able to ping the EG "Internal" interface
  4. From within the VM, I'm able to resolve the IP of a web site "lenovo.com"
  5. Logging in to the EG (from console) i'm able to ping both "Internal" VM and the GW of the "External" intarface

Does anyone know what I'm missing or what the "bug" is??

I'm running vCD 5.6.4


A. Mikkelsen


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


    May i know what sort of traffic is not going through the edge?

    Is the issue specific to DNS query?

    What is the DNS and Default Gateway IP of the Virtual Machine(Is it External Router IP or Edge Internal Interface IP)?

    What DNS IP we have defined on Edge?

    Is the Virtual Machine having only one interface?

Try running a debug packet on edge while testing the traffic,it would clearly show were we have the issue

From the edge,looks like we have Internal/External Connectivity.However you could try migrating Edge&VM to same host and perform a test from VM.


It doesnt look like a bug,it would be most likely a configuration/connectivity issue Smiley Happy

Happy New Year Smiley Happy

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