Organization VCD Edge creation is failing in vCloud Director 8.0

When I am creating a new edge gateway, than the edge gateway creation is failing with the following message "Deployment of edge gateway Org_Edge failed. com.vmware.vcloud.fabric.nsm.error.VsmException: VSM response erro (1502): Failed to power on VM vse-Org_Edge (truncated)-0. (No host is compatible with the virtual machine.)

I have tried the following to resolve,

1. Restarted the vCenter and reconnected to NSX to vCenter.

2. Increased the quota of Org_VDC.

3. Rebooted the hosts on the vSAN cluster and then disabled and enabled HA.

4. From NSX manager I am able ping to each of the host on the cluster.

5. Refreshed the storage policies disable and enabled the hosts of the vCloud Director.

6. Edge creation on the vSphere is happening with any issue. and also getting powered ON.

7. VM's are getting created in vCloud Director and getting powered ON.

Let me know I need to check some or missing some steps.

Version -

1. vCloud Director - 8.0

2. ESXi - 6.0

3. NSX - 6.2.1



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Try to create a compact size edge and see if that helps

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Hi, do you use VCDNI as the network pools?

If yes, this is known issue and you would need to upgrade to vCD 8.0.1 as per release notes


Attempts to create an Edge gateway on a system that includes a network isolation-backed network pool fail

When you attempt to create an Edge gateway on a system that includes a network isolation-backed network pool, the operation fails with the following error message.

No host is compatible with the virtual machine.

This issue is resolved in vCloud Director 8.0.1.

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