Migrating between two different resource pools within the same provider VDC

Hi All,

I hope you can offer guidance?

I have added an additional resource pool to an existing provider VDC. I was under the impression that once this was done and all hosts prepared, it would be a matter of just migrating the VM's between the primary and the newly created resource pool.

However once I initiate a migration I get a success message within the logs but the migration request does not seem to have been passed between VCloud Director cell and the vCenter server.

I know there is no problems between the VCD cell and the vsphere hosts due to the fact it is already currently managing the existing resource.

Has anyone else experience this problem before?

I know what I want to achieve is definitely possible because i have found the following article:



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

It should work fine, I did on my test environment.

Do you see any message on VC side?

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