Migrating Tenant to other Provider VDC

We have two provider VDCs tied to two diferent vSphere Clusters that are on different datacenters connected  by dark fiber. We'd like to have the possibility to migrate tenants from one Provider VDC to other, from vSphere point of viewI know it'ss possible to move all VMs related to the tenant (I understand this is not the way to do it) however  we're not sure if this is something that can accomplished in vCloud Director,  the tenants are using NSX edge services and the NSX transport zone is the same for both provider VDC.

thanks in advance for any ideas or considerations.



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I have the same request! please help!

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I recommend putting all the VMs to be moved into a vAPP. Then if your customer has two VDCs (one in each Provider VDC) the move option allows you to achieve what you want.
Please note that this operation cannot be carried out hot. In addition, the VMs are cloned before being deleted at the source. The backup jobs will have to be reconfigured
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This sounds similar to a migration scenario I did years ago for some hundreds of VMs to move tenants from old vSphere version PVDC to new one.

Depending on your goal you may need to share the networks (if keeping existing OrgVDC) or deploy new Edge if planing to decommission the old PVDC. For VMS not using Edge and Overlay networks is a lot easier being external networks without many dependencies.

Few considerations to have depends on our vSphere and VCD versions. Hopefully your versions are not to old and that will make your scenario easier.

Hight level steps I did using scrips (as I remember from top of my head...)

0- Export OrgVDC, VApps, VMs, Networks configurations for inventory reference (scripts used)

1- Setup all OrgVDC’s on new PVDC (including all networks in use) (scripts used)

2- For older VCD versions remove the ‘managed by’ setting seen in vCenter so it can be VMOTION to new cluster (scripts used)

3- VMOTION VMS to new cluster OrgVDC pools.

4- Import VM into OrgVCD (this is automatic by VCD but if not enabled needs to be done per VM)

5- Recreate the vApps with same settings as per exported inventory (I used to rename the old one with -old- to keep it visible in VCD once new one was done delete old vAPP structure)

6- Clean up. Delete old objects



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