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Maximizing Cloud Management Efficiency with Jamcracker VMware vCenter Integration

Enterprises, Hosters or MSPs their IT administrators require fully-automated self-service experience to their operations team and internal users for private cloud out of virtualization stack such as VMware vCenter. The self-service convenience provided by public cloud providers have created a need of self- service portal for all including their external customers and mandates to be available over the internet.

Jamcrackers offers deep technical and business integration with VMware vCenter environment to provide cloud governance by automating, both IT Operations and Financial operations. The key highlights of the integration of Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform with vCenter includes customers account mapping, provisioning and lifecycle management of infrastructure resources like Compute, Block Storage, Block Volume, Disks, NFS - Data Stores, Network, NSX-T, Distributed Switches, Load Balancers, etc. Customers can manage NFS-Data store and can trigger events like mounting datastore for vCenter, ESXI etc.

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