Issues with a vmware based cloud solution.

Hello All,

I am trying to do a comparision of IAAS cloud solutions between the popular vendors like VMware / Microsoft / Citrix  and open source.

Since most of you have already deployed or are deploying a vmware based IAAS cloud could you help me in listing these out for me.

Also what are the advantages of a vmware base solution in comparision to the rest is also something that i am looking at.

Please help.


Faustina G

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First I think you need to better define what your goal is with the hunt for a cloud solution. What problems are you trying to address and hope to solve, and what might your own technical hurdles be in your environment? Networking? Storage?

Aside from doing your own side-by-side comparison of the different flavors you will not likely get much input from the community about these different platforms. I can say that vCloud Director works well but was not a setup that most beginners could tackle. You also have to consider the changes to any existing process that you have that will be automated or partially replaced by this new technology service.

Hope this helps!

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I Have to agree with JonT on this one. But if your doing a comparison, start with the demands for the infrastructure:

There are a couple of strong points for vCloud Director, but it doesn't mean you'll have to use them. It all depends on what your company demands for it's cloud solution.

But to name a few of which I think vCloud is best in:

- OS'es being supported

- Networking capabilities

- VMware's approach of it being YOUR cloud.

- A very organized and helping community

There must be more, but I haven't really looked that deep at other (Microsoft/Citrix) cloud solutions.....

Just get the demands sorted out and work from there.


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