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Inconsistent Behavior for vApp Move to...

I am trying to move VMs from one vCenter to another vCenter within a vCloud Director environment. Each vCenter has several clusters and each cluster is a pVDC. I have one (1) oVDC in the "source" vCenter cluster and another oVDC for the "destination" vCenter cluster.

When I shutdown the vApp and do a Move to..., I am getting inconsistent behavior. One of them will do a simple copy to the destination oVDC. I see a folder created on the destination vCenter and after the copy, I see the VM registrer to vCenter. In vCloud Director, everything looks the same but has a different oVDC.  I boot it and everything is good.

I perform the exact same process with another virtual machine (same OS type, etc) originally from the same oVDC and instead of a simple copy, I see a task created on the source vCenter with a description of ExportOVFTemplate. I noticed a folder created on my vCD (~home/transfer directory) server and since these VMs are large, it fills up my vCD storage. I have to delete this folder so I can start up vCD again. In addition, the exportOVFtemplate takes an extremely long time (longer than my outage window). The source datastore and the destination datastore are different but both are presented to each vCenter.

Does anyone know what would trigger an ExportOVFTemplate task on the source rather a simple copy to the destination?

I need for these moves to be a simple copy rather than the long OVF export.

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