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How to rename a "Storage Profile"


We have a storage Profile with Silver it it, i want to rename it to Bronze so it comes before Gold.

UI can't find anyway visibly in the GUI to do this ?

Do you know how this is done ? (without having to delete the area and create from scratch!!)

NB: Using v5.1


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From what I can tell you can't.

If you rename the storage profile in vcenter it shows up as a NEW profile in vCloud (seems like a pretty big defect to me).  I would suggest opening a case on how to do a rename with support  (and why a rename in vCenter does not propagate into vCloud)

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Hi, there is a workaround, I just found.

  1. change the Profile name in vCenter
  2. go to vCenter in vCD and right-click | refresh storage profile
  3. wait
  4. add the new Storage Profiles to the PvDC (Provider VDC)
  5. create a NEW OvDC (Org VDC) with the new Storage profile
  6. click on all vApp, vApp Templates and Media and MOVE them to the new OvDC and Storage Profile
  7. if you have Edges or isolated networks you have to undeploy and redepoly them as they also sit on that storage profile.
  8. delete the old OvDC (if you get a error saying you didnt delete the media it means you missed a Org network, go check)
  9. delete the Storage profile form the PvDC

it isn't pretty but works.



do we know if this causes any issues in terms of VM availability?  If we have an existing org vdc using the storage profile? 

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