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Enabling Remote Access to GUI-Based Servers for External Contractor

Hello VMware Team!

I am currently serving as an organizational administrator and am currently in the process of configuring servers for one of our contracted parties. These servers are configured with a GUI (Windows Servers), and my primary objective is to grant the contracted party access upon the completion of server deployment. It's important to note that the contracted party is external to our network and doesn't possess access to our Virtual Data Center (VDC).

I am keen on exploring the various strategies at hand to accomplish this goal. For instance, is establishing a site-to-site VPN (IPsec) a viable option, or are there alternative methods available? Could you also provide insight into the most commonly utilized approach in similar scenarios?


Furthermore, I am contemplating the idea of installing TeamViewer on these servers to facilitate remote access for the contracted party. Is this a feasible approach given the circumstances?

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