Did VM Naming change in vCD 9.5 appliance?

Hi all,

We just deployed a new 9.5 appliance into a brownfield vCenter with NSX (this is a Lab) and everything is working as expected.

While testing I noticed that the vCD created VMs in vCenter no longer have the 33 character vCloud Director object ID "VMNAME (048613d6-b485-4e3d-a626-8888b516e30e)" appended to VM names (vapps and edges do btw), instead they have a "-" then a random 4 character string "VMNAME-aUGX" is added to the VM name. Additionally the VM discovery function does not alter the VM name in vCenter like it did in 9.1 on import.

Is this expected new behavior or is there another config item at play here? I cant find any documentation related to this.

(vCenter Build 13007398, NSX 6.4.513282012, vCD (updating next))

Thanks in advance

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Yes, there is a change in naming convention for VCD vm's

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