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Customization Script is not working on VM


I want to run a script on vm that created by vCloud Director. I have read a lot of article about Customization Script but i guess somethings are wrong ;

I created a vm via vCloud Director Catalog. VM created and powered on successfully, it has an ip address and vm tools.

Then i powered off vm, on Guest OS Customization Tab of vm I enabled Customization checkbox, I changed password as P@ssword and put customization script as you can see at below ; Then, I powered on vm using "Power on and force Recustomization"... But, either password change and customization script is not  working.

This is very very basic folder creating script... Why customization is not working ?

@echo off

if "%1%" == "precustomization" (

echo Do precustomization tasks

) else if "%1%" == "postcustomization" (

echo %DATE% %TIME% > C:vm-is-ready


vCloud Director : 8.10.1

Created vm is Windows 2012 R2



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