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Creating Windows Template for vCD

Hello Everyone,


I know this question sounds silly but I am so frustrated that I had to ask.

I created a windows server 2022 template in vcenter. I gave it the minimum requirement ( 1vcpu, 1gb ram , 32gb storage).

afterwards, I imported it to an organization in my vCD and shared it among other organizations.

now the problem is as follows:


when someone deploys a vApp using my windows template, and increases the storage during the configuration. we can see the unallocated space within Disk 0 , but We can't extend C Drive because it is not adjacent to the Unallocated Space.

how should I have created the template? 

I don't want to tell the customer to attach a new disk . and I don't want to increase the size of the disk when creating the template. and Also I don't want to create multiple VM Sizes.


what is the appropriate approach for that?


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