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Console on one Org VDC fails to connect?

Hi Guys

I'm a bit lost as to where I should begin to troubleshoot this issue:

vCloud Director 9.1

Logged in as Organisation Administrator

- I have 1 tenant with 2  VDC's:  VDC1 and VDC2 in this case for simplcity.

- I have 1 OrgVDC Network that is shared between the 2 VDC's and 1 Edge Gateway.

On VM's in VDC1, I can connect to console on all VM's

On VM's in VDC2, I get "Connecting" on all VM's and does not get any further than that. This is also the case when using the Flex portal.

The console is obviously working (not SSL / NTP / DNS related) on one of the VDC's - I just cannot figure out why it should be different on VDC2 whe nVDC1 is working?

If someone could point me in a direction I would appreciate it Smiley Happy

Best regards


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