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Configure-vcd script failed to complete

Hi Guys,


I am trying to set up a new vCD 10.3.1 and I am able to access the management and I am sure that my NFS is correctly configured. But When it tries to finish it fails during clean up.

I have attached the screenshot and logs from root@vcd [ /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs ]# more cell-management-tool.log and I could see the below error:

Caused by: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
at java.base/sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilder.build(SunCertPathBuilder.java:141)
at java.base/sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilder.engineBuild(SunCertPathBuilder.java:126)
at java.base/java.security.cert.CertPathBuilder.build(CertPathBuilder.java:297)
at java.base/sun.security.validator.PKIXValidator.doBuild(PKIXValidator.java:434) 

Could you please look into this and help  I have attached both screenshot and logs




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Inspect your logs to determine why the vcd setup did not complete (opt/vmware/var/log/firstboot.log and /opt/vmware/var/log/vcd/setupvcd.log). If you see the following error in your setupvcd.log, this issue occurred because the password for the private key, keystore, and root user account was not all the same.

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I see these logs in (opt/vmware/var/log/firstboot.log

2021-11-11 17:48:27 | Updating /etc/hosts file ...
2021-11-11 17:48:27 | System hostname is: vcd.infobloxdemo.com
2021-11-11 17:48:27 | Completed Appliance OS Configuration Phase
2021-11-11 17:48:28 | Writing UI configuration file to enable the primary setup wizard in the appliance management UI and setting the systemSetupComplete pro
perty to false
2021-11-11 17:48:28 | Setting content in deployment.node.type file ...
2021-11-11 17:48:28 | Checking for all required OVF parameters, for VCD Configuration Phase
Please provide NFS mount
Please provide Administrator password
Please provide DB password
Please provide Administrator's email
Please provide Administrator's full name
Please provide Administrator's installation ID
Please provide system name
Not all required ovf parameters were provided, aborting Cloud Director configuration phase
2021-11-11 17:48:30 | [WARNING] Not all required parameters for VCD configuration were provided.
2021-11-11 17:48:30 | For more details, see: /opt/vmware/var/log/vcd/configure-vcd.log
2021-11-11 17:48:30 | Please complete the appliance configuration using the appliance management UI.

And if i do more on /opt/vmware/var/log/vcd/configure-vcd.log as I don't see setupvcd.log in there

Invoking firstrunwizard.sh now.
2021-11-17 17:35:00 | setupvcd.sh | Invoking firstrunwizard.sh now.
2021-11-17 17:35:01 | firstrunwizard.sh | Running the system-setup CMT command .
Creating admin user.
Setting system details.
Completing system setup.
System setup is complete.
2021-11-17 17:37:07 | firstrunwizard.sh | Clearing sensitive OVF properties...

2021-11-17 17:37:07 | setupvcd.sh | Copying local responses.properties to NFS share.
2021-11-17 17:37:08 | setupvcd.sh | Done setting up vCD.
Reconfiguring vCD to use a secure database connection.
2021-11-17 17:37:08 | setupvcd.sh | Reconfiguring vCD to use a secure database connection.
Invalid database configuration provided. Aborting configuration of local cell.
2021-11-17 18:07:42 | setupvcd.sh | [ERROR] Failed to run reconfigure-database. See /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs/cell-management-tool.log for details. Ab
2021-11-17 18:07:42 | configure-vcd.sh | [ERROR] setupvcd script failed to execute.
2021-11-17 18:07:42 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Starting cleanup script.
2021-11-17 18:07:42 | cleanup-vcd.sh | The following error code was provided as argument to script: 23
2021-11-17 18:07:42 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Attempting cleanup on primary appliance.
2021-11-17 18:07:42 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Executing configure_vcd_primary_cleanup.
2021-11-17 18:07:42 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Executing configure_vcd_base_cleanup.
2021-11-17 18:07:43 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Executing vcd_db_erase.
2021-11-17 18:07:43 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Deleting PostgreSQL database (vcloud) and user (vcloud).
2021-11-17 18:07:43 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Removing files from transfer share placed there by systemSetup, etc.
2021-11-17 18:07:43 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Unmounting NFS share and cleaning up /etc/fstab.
2021-11-17 18:07:43 | cleanup-vcd.sh | Executing clear_ovfenv_params.


Any Idea what am I missing

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it seems i have same issue.
after i removed my first cell , i tried to re install it again , but :
1) setup stuck on "Invoking setupvcd script." ( attached photo )

2) "setupvcd.log" not exist .

3) "configure-vcd.log" show :
2022-01-14 15:02:24 | check-vcd-params.sh | Checking ovf parameters needed for proper Cloud Director configuration ...
2022-01-14 15:02:25 | check-vcd-params.sh | nfs_mount ovf parameter not specified
2022-01-14 15:02:25 | check-vcd-params.sh | Number of missing parameters: 1
2022-01-14 15:02:25 | check-vcd-params.sh | [ERROR] Not all required ovf parameters were provided, aborting Cloud Director configuration phase
2022-01-14 15:39:36 | configure-vcd.sh | Appliance OS Phase has been Completed.
2022-01-14 15:39:36 | configure-vcd.sh | Starting Appliance Cloud Director Configuration Phase.
2022-01-14 15:39:36 | configure-vcd.sh | Invoking check-vcd-params script again.
2022-01-14 15:39:36 | check-vcd-params.sh | Checking ovf parameters needed for proper Cloud Director configuration ...
2022-01-14 15:39:36 | check-vcd-params.sh | All the required ovf parameters provided for the Cloud Director configuration phase
2022-01-14 15:39:36 | configure-vcd.sh | Invoking nfs-setup script.
2022-01-14 15:39:36 | nfs-setup.sh | Mounting NFS file share ...
2022-01-14 15:39:37 | nfs-setup.sh | Listing contents of transfer share directory
total 8
drwxr-x--- 5 vcloud vcloud 0 Jan 14 15:39 .
drwxrwx--- 4 vcloud vcloud 4096 Jan 14 15:39 ..
drwxr-x--- 3 vcloud vcloud 0 Jan 13 12:37 appliance-nodes
drwxr-x--- 4 vcloud vcloud 0 Jan 13 10:22 cells
-rwxr-x--- 1 vcloud vcloud 663 Jan 13 10:20 responses.properties
2022-01-14 15:39:37 | configure-vcd.sh | Invoking setupvcd script.
2022-01-14 15:39:37 | setupvcd.sh | System ip0 is: 172.x.x.11

After several hours, nothing happened. i use vCD 10.3.1
(I had no problem deploying cells on the first day(clean install). But after a while, I will not be able to deploy any new cell.)

any idea ?

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this error? as I have the exact same scenario



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Hi all,

we all have in the /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs/cell-management-tool.log the following error:

ERROR | main | ReconfigureDatabaseCommand | Invalid database configuration: SSL error: PKIX path buildi
ng failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target |
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: SSL error: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid cer
tification path to requested target


Please confirm that you have "Timed out" in your appliance-sync.log when adding the certificate node

cat /opt/vmware/var/log/vcd/appliance-sync.log | grep Timed

Timed out adding certificate for node node-35184bba-f181-469d-be92-ebb45ff6727d, continuing to other nodes.


i found a way to complete the setup successfully with cluster HEALTHY and services running.

the trick was the import from my NFS share (windows) into vcd appliance may take longer than 10seconds, i gave it 60.

sed -i s/10s/60s/ /opt/vmware/appliance/bin/appliance-sync.sh

resulted line should be:
cat /opt/vmware/appliance/bin/appliance-sync.sh | grep force
/usr/bin/timeout 60s $VCLOUD_HOME/bin/cell-management-tool import-trusted-certificates --source $APPLIANCE_SHARE/$i/vcd_ova.crt --force

then try again completing the setup, while watching the log i confirmed that the operation took more than 10s , here nearly 30s in my environment.

tail -f /opt/vmware/var/log/vcd/configure-vcd.log

Reconfiguring vCD to use a secure database connection.
2022-09-25 18:36:29 | setupvcd.sh | Reconfiguring vCD to use a secure database connection.
Database configuration in properties files complete for local cell.
Database configuration was successfully refreshed in running Cell.
2022-09-25 18:36:57 | configure-vcd.sh | Invoking cellstartup script.

the setup complete successfully,

then revert back the original setting

sed -i s/60s/10s/ /opt/vmware/appliance/bin/appliance-sync.sh

systemctl restart appliance-sync.timer

Shutdown/Power on the VM, do not use Restart

Increase vCPUs from 2 to 4. (Updated)

wait few minutes for the vcd appliance to fully load before opening http://{VCD_IP}/provider

Let me know if this hasn't worked for you.



VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Thanks Abidi, this helped to fix my issue.

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