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Cloud Director Availability Public Ports Configuration

I'm configuring VMware Cloud Director Availability with separate tunnel, management, and replicator appliances. At https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vCloud-Availability/3.0/com.vmware.vcav.cloud.install.config.upgra... the only DNAT suggested is the port 443 to port 8048 to the tunnel appliance. I have this but when I do only that, the Cloud Director Availability plugin in Cloud Director doesn't work because that appears to need to go to port 443 on the Management appliance where the tenant portal is. I've tested setting a DNAT 8048 straight through to the tunnel appliance and setting port 443 straight through to the Management appliance and that works. Replication then uses 8048 and tenant management uses port 443. However, I'm not certain this is correct since the documentation clearly shows port 443 goes to 8048 on the tunnel appliance with no other DNAT rule listed.


Could someone clarify how the configuration should be for the DNAT ports?



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