Cloud Director 10.2 / Service Library Presentation through UI

Hello All,

We have been using a vRO 8.1 Service Library with Cloud Director 10.2. The service/workflow we have basically deploys multiple copies of a vpp template - it all works as intended but the problem I have is how it renders in the Cloud Director UI vs how it renders in the vRO UI. I'm not too sure what controls this or where I can get more information on why things sometimes look very different in vRO vs the Cloud director side

See attached example display.png - this is a workflow/service as presented in  vCD Service Library (top 2 pics) and then as presented in Orchestrator (bottom pic)

Both images link back to same workflow

So questions are

1) Why does Cloud Director render the vapp template as 'tree view' when the workflow is a value list and is displayed that way in vRO

2) Why is Cloud Director missing the labels and has the field names - they present normally through the vro

3) Why are fields such as default value not being picked up - seen in vRO UI but not selected in Cloud Director UI

4) Is there any further information/guidance/requirements on designing Cloud Director services in vRO so as the ui presentation aligns -

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