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Clarification re: license upgrade

Ladies and Gents,

I'm struggling to get a clear answer on my customer's behalf from the licensing team.

Due to the history of use/purchases My customer has two separate license bundles  under which they're now licensed to run vCD5  - there's i) the vSphere 5.0 Enterprise Plus license for n x CPU and ii) the vCD and vSM licenses upgraded from their original Lab Manager license.

In order to obtain the vCD5.1 licenses to upgrade their environment my understanding is that they now need to upgrade the Enterprise Plus license to vCloud Suite.  Cost being an issue they're keen to make use of the $0 upgrade to vCloud Suite Standard.

Their concern is the wording of the package - not all of their ESXi servers are dedicated to their vCloud solution and are utilised in a cluster not assigned as a vCD resource but they still require the Enterprise Plus license.  To their mind none of the wording in the blurb confirms that they will end up with a vCD5.1 environment where they can continue to use ESXi5 hosts in vCenter with Enterprise Plus licensing (I'm confident enough as vCD requires it)

Anyone care to confirm that it is the case that the Enterprise Plus licensing for vSphere hosts continues post vCloud Suite Standard upgrade please?

I assume that the separate vCloud license will disappear/merge should they opt for the upgrade?


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