Change default gateway in vCloud Director Availability


I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the default gateway while bringing up a replicated VM in vCloud Director Availability.

Setup:  We have several Windows server 2016 VM's that we replicate from Production VMware hosts to Disaster Recovery hosts.  For certain reasons, we have other servers that are up full time in DR so, the DR site needs to be on a it's own subnet (10.1.5.x/24), different from Production (10.1.4.x/24).  When I bring up the replicated servers, I see where I can change the IP address using Guest Customizations but, there's no obvious place to change the Default Gateway or other IPv4 settings.

I would like to find a way to run a script, or something, that will change the Default Gateway when I bring up the server so that the DG matches the new subnet in DR. 

Anyone have any thoughts?


EDIT:  After some further testing, it appears as though this is done automatically.  I'm not sure exactly how but, the DG changed to the new subnet when I set up the guest customization to change the IP address.  Good to know but, some additional visibility into settings would be nice.

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