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Avaibility of CloudInit compatible METDATA Service in vCloud Director

Hi Everybody,

this is not a technical question, instead i'd like to know you opinion about the requirement if a "CloudInit" compatible METADATA Service in vCloud Director.

For all who don't know what i am talking about:

All large public cloud provider (AWS, Azure) and Openstack providing a METADATA service which can access (mainly) via IP. All implementation i know uses "" to enable access to the VM/instance specific METADATA.

Inside all linux "cloud ready" images you will find "CloudInit" which querys this metadata service to configure itself during boot (Hostname, IP, SSH keys, UserScripts etc). It is also possible to query information about the instance itself (which region, VM flavor, network, image name etc).

Whithin vCloud Director there is no such service avaiable. You can access the Metadata of a VM via vCloud API, but this requires access from the VM to the vCloud API and it also requires authentication to the vCloud API. The second way is to use OVF properties of VMs. But these properites must be set manual for each VM/properites and requires the VM to be powered off. Also there is no CloudInit provider for both ways.

I already spoke to many VMware representives (VMworld 2019 EU) regarding the topic but nobody is aware of this.

So my question is:

Is there really nobody who likes to have this features?

Kind Regards,


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