2TB drive showing as MB in vCloud

I have a VM that moved into a vCloud vApp from vCenter that has a 2TB drive, as shown in the vSphere client.  If I look at the properties in vCD it shows the size as 2097151 MB.  This results is any change to the VM properties is faced with the error in vCenter of "Invalid operation for device '0'" The workaround is to change the hard drive size to 2048 GB every time I need to edit any property.  Even after making a successful change to the NIC if I do not change the HD size to 2048 GB it will fail with the same "Invalid operation for device '0'"  It's as if there is a bug that is not reading the value of 2TB correctly as it persistent.

Anyone else face this issue?  The VM's hardware level is 8.  vCenter 5.5 vCloud 5.5.

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