Troubleshooting the vCD Web UI

Troubleshooting the vCD Web UI

If you've started the vCloud Director service (vmware-vcd) but the Web UI is not showing up when you access it with your browser, here are some things to try.

First, make sure there is actually a problem. Does the $VCLOUD_HOME/logs/cell.log show that the application has initialized 100%? If not, you'll want to wait until that happens before trying to access the UI.

If the application is 100% initialized, try checking the following:

  1. Does the netstat -nape command show two instances of java, one bound to the HTTP service IP and one bound to the console proxy IP?

    • If not, you should check the $VCLOUD_HOME/logs/vcloud-container-debug.log file to see if there are any relevant errors or exceptions that indicate why it was unable to bind to the appropriate IP addresses

    • You may also want to verify that $VCLOUD_HOME/etc/ has the appropriate values for and vcloud.cell.ip.primary settings. If it does not you'll want to follow VMware KB 1028657 to fix the settings. Note: the two settings cannot use the same IP address, as both the HTTP service and the console proxy need to bind to port 443.

  2. Can you telnet <primary ip> 443? If not, there may be a firewall blocking the connection or if the service is behind a load balancer or NAT is being utilized there is likely a misconfiguration in the LB or NAT settings.

  3. If you're getting a fairly generic 404 error when you try to access https://<primary ip>/cloud or if you get a page listing the available contexts, the Web application that serves the Web UI has not fully deployed yet. You should wait a few minutes and then try again.

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