Perl vCloud API example

Perl vCloud API example

Since I didn't find a simple Perl vCloud API example and there is  no Perl binding at this time, I wrote an example that instantiates a  vApp from a vApp Template in the Catalog.  Please see the attached  "Perl".

For input parameters it uses an XML document like this:

   <catalog>Master Images</catalog>
   <vAppDesc>example vApp created by vCloud API</vAppDesc>
   <vAppNetwork>calls internal</vAppNetwork>

Ideally, your source vApp Template should be fully  configured for network and making identical copies because this simple  example powers on the new vApp behind a network fence (that is -  natRouted instead of bridged). And this example does not address the  numerous options around new network connections or guest customization  in each VM.

Hopefully you will find this simple example somewhat helpful.


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