vCloud API and OCCI


We are running a vCloud powered Cloud that needs to interconnect with a set of other facilities that run OpenNebula, Eucaliptus, etc... under the OCCI standard.

We need to develop a middleware that interconnects the vCloud API with the OCCI API,

There is a framework under Ruby called rOCCI which is modular and interconnects OCCI with Amazon and OpenNebula right now,

I´m asking for help: Anyone knows if this task has been done before? If not, do you think it would be tough or not at all?

Thank you in advance,

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I've searched for something similar before and only found this:

It should certainly be possible to create an interface between OCCI and vCloud API. For example recently Apache libcloud received Python based support for vCloud v1.5 and we noticed the baseline concepts mapped quite well across the two frameworks. Interestingly enough libcloud also has an OpenNebula OCCI driver so it might be something that's reusable for you...