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Using REST API in html forms

First off, I am pretty damn good with using powershell and REST API calls. So I know I need to pass header information and get the session ID to do calls after the post to api/admin/sessions.

The question is how can I use this in html to populate combo boxes on an HTML form.

I want to have the form load, log in to a VCD, then give me a list of orgs in a combo box, then another combo box with all the vapps, and then finally the list of VMs in that combo box. Once I have that information filtered down, I want to be able to execute an action against the VM selected with powershell or REST. It all depends on the action is done in VCD or against the OS in the VM.

I am just looking at getting started. I am not a web programmer. I figure this is a simple thing once I understand the basics. I have seen where jquery may work to populate the combo boxes.

Anyways, I am all ears and hope someone in the community has messed with this enough to get me started.

Thanks in advance!

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