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Query for a network's IpScope

I know that the Query Service can get me a list of all Org vDC Networks, and there are many useful fields in the records that are returned. One thing I have not been able to find there are the IP Ranges (i.e. the static IP pools) assigned to that Org vDC network. All other "network specification" fields (netmask, gateway, DNS) are there, but the IP Ranges are not.

Since there could be several of those, I suppose it makes sense that they are not stored directly within the QueryResultOrgVdcNetworkRecordType. I thought there would be some sort of IpRangeOrgVdcNetworkRelation query, but I couldn't find one.

Is there a way to retrieve the IP ranges associated with Org vDC networks using the Query Service? I know this information is available if I retrieve the Org vDC network directly (via GET <vcd>/api/admin/network/<id>), but I need to do this for all Org vDC networks in the vCD environment - since there can potentially be many Org vDC networks, I prefer not to issue a separate request for each.

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