CSO at Zynga & Co-founder of Cloud Security Alliance, Nils Puhlmann, Speaks at Business Technology Summit 2010

+Cloud Security in Focus at India's Most Influential Business Technology Conference +

Companies and governments are adopting modern and highly dynamic technologies like cloud at a rapid pace. The speed of technology innovation seems to pick up. What does this development mean to the world of security and privacy though? Is this just a new development that we will adjust to over time or a true disruption requiring new and innovative security thought leadership? We find ourselves increasingly on the defensive – cyber criminals who are getting more sophisticated and targeted by the week and new technology services utilizing the cloud being quickly introduced into companies without giving security teams a chance to prepare for it. Is this really a technological challenge or rather a new cultural shift? It seems as if every successful gadget or consumer service is utilizing the cloud these days. But at the same time consumers and corporate customers alike are having higher expectations when it comes to the integrity and confidentiality of their data. Consumer trust is more and more an essential ingredient of a successful online business model. Trust without security is short lived though. Nils Puhlmann, Co-founder of Cloud Security Alliance and CSA at Zynga, is keynoting at Business Technology Summit 2010 on these issues and will help attendees understand if it is time to realize that ‘bolting’ security onto existing technology no longer works in the cloud age and we need to innovate and develop new security technologies and mechanisms to keep up with technology innovation.

In a separate talk, Nils will provide an overview of where we are today and what areas of cloud security are actively being worked on in the industry. What are the specific risk and threat areas and how can they be mitigated? What other security efforts are underway in the industry to ensure that security is a key part of every cloud offering?

Nils Puhlmann is Co-Founder of Cloud Security Alliance, a community of over 4,000 security professionals and CSO at Zynga. As Chief Security Officer of Qualys, Puhlmann was responsible for security, risk management and business continuity planning for Qualys. Prior to Qualys, Puhlmann held positions as the Chief Information Security Officer for Electronic Arts, Chief Information Security Officer at Robert Half International, Director Global IT & Security and Chief Privacy Officer at Mindjet Corp, Senior Manager Product Security at Adobe Systems. Puhlmann also held senior positions at Nortel Networks and START Amadeus, and was an independent security consultant with clients such as the State of California.

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