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vsphere 6.7 update manager and update downloads

hi all

1) what is the difference between

vcenter -> update manager -> updates
vcenter -> update manager -> image

If i am running ESXI host 6.7 and want to upgrade to 7.0 - will i be seeing the upgrade under updates ? under image ?


2) what is the meaning of vcenter -> updates -> patch download ?

Are patches actually being downloaded to vCenter ? is it just the catalog that is downloaded only ?

I am having 6.7 hosts but i see 6.0.0 patches under updates - i do not want these 6.0 patches to take up space in vCenter

Thank you

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Updates is the „legacy “method for the vSphere Lifecycle and image is a new feature of vSphere update 1 that permit to create an image including drivers and firmware. Here is a good Technical paper explaining the image feature.

vSphere 7 Update 1 – vSphere Lifecycle Manager Improvements

Be careful that the “upgrade” from update to image is irreversible.

Personally, for now, I continue with the update strategy.


The patch are downloaded to the VUM. You also can download the update bundle file and import all updates. This is a strategy for an offline VUM.

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