vcsa 6.5 linked mode - slow when link is down

Wondering about others experience here. Have two vcsa appliances (with external psc at both sites) deployed across two sites. When testing for a DR scenario, we unplugged the link between sites - holy cow! The vcenter web client BARELY functioned. In fact I'd be hard-pressed to say it was functional really, given how slow it was.

Each site has it's own DNS server and the PSC and VCSA at each site refer to the site-specific iterations as primary. Why would this cause such an issue - how is this useful in the event of a disaster?? We have the ability to restore VMs quickly into the "DR" site if the prod site goes down - but if the vcenter is ... really not functional, I don't have any confidence that we'd be able to actually make it work.

Is there something that we can do post a "link or site down" that will enable the remaining vcsa to function normally? What has been your experience with this?

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