vSphere Perspective Management

We have the request from some of our customers to give them access to their VMs via the vCenter. By evaluating on how we should to this we came across the vSphere Perspective Management feature which would be very useful for this kind of requests. The feature was included in the vSphere Client Fling 4.2 but was removed again with 4.3.

VMware Fling: vSphere Perspective Management - YouTube

Therefore my question: Are there any information if the Perspective Management feature is coming back to the fling or if there are any plans to integrate the feature in the official vSphere Client?

Thanks for any update on this.

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Hey Matt, not giving you a responce but, I just wanted to mention that many companies request that. Having access to the console using vcenter for operational tasks.

In my experience I would recommend you to be very carefull with this. vCenter is your management component and once you have more and more people using it for accessing the VMs. You will change a mangement component to a "Production" part of your platform. I think the recomendation should be to use regular access to the servers (ssh,rdp). In some companies I was working with in the pass this was implemented and quickly became a paint in the ***

Also remember that the Flings do not have official support, so if you face any issue, maybe you get help, but not the official support!



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