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vSphere HA is ok, Fault Tolerance test works, but Fault Tolerance doesn't work during host failure/isolation

Dear All,

I'm trying to activate Fault Tolerance feature on a test virtual machine.

vSphere Ha is configured and works, Fault Tolerance is activated on the virtual machine and Fault Tolerance Test Failover works too.

But, if I simulate an host failure or isolation, Fault Tolerance doesn't start the expected action (primary vm becomes unavailable until the host is isolated).

I just noticed that each cluster host, in the summary view, is not supporting Fault Tolerance, but, from vmware fault tolerance compatibility web page, I understand that cluster hosts should support this feature.

VMware cluster is composed by:

- 2 hosts Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 -[7X02CTO1WW]- with BIOS version -[IVE136X-2.13]-

- 1 vCenter server v6.7

The VMware cluster is based on VMware ESXi 6.7U3

Could you please help me to solve this issue?

Thank you in advance,


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