vMotion issue - can't 'netcat' 1 out of 4 hosts

Logged in remotely to our vCenter and noted vMotion was failing the health check, pings. I went to each host did a vmkping to the host address and vmkping worked. I did a vmkping to a destination vmkernel vMotion adapter and it failed on every host, no packets transferred. So I decided to try netcat and I can't netcat to port 8000 on one host (from the 3 others). The other three netcat each other okay.

First I had noticed all hosts are up only 14 hours which is strange. We have had lab reconstruction going on and it's possible there was a power outage. But looking further at the networking I noticed the 3 "good" hosts had vMotion teamed with 40GB adapters. The 4th host for some reason vMotion is teamed with 40GB and 10GB adapters. 

Where should I go from here? I could open a case with VMware but just rying to see if I have a good path to go down right now. And how I can troubleshoot this more.


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