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I am trying to design a highly available vcentre environment. I am just looking for peoples opinion on this and what is the best approach.

I have an F5 load balancer and have created the below servers. All windows 2012 R2. I have not installed anything yet.

PSC1 - Platform Service Controller 1 - IP - x.x.x.10

PSC2 - Platform Service Controller 2 - x.x.x.11

PSC - Platform Service Controller Load Balancer IP x.x.x 12

VC1 - vCentre 6.0 Server - IP - x.x.x.13

VC2 - vCentre 6.0 Clustered Server - IP - x.x.x.14

VC6.0 - vCentre Load Balancer IP - x.x.x.15

Do I just install the PSC on each windows box and configure the replication during the install?

I plan on using microsoft clustering for the vCentre servers. Do I have to do identical vcentre installs on each server and then set up clustering or will microsoft clustering just replicate what is on VC1 to VC2?

If I install SQL on a vcentre server will that replicate with microsoft clustering or will I have to set up two SQL servers with SQL clustering?


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vCenter Server 6 Deployment Topologies and High Availability | VMware vSphere Blog - VMware Blogs

Please refer above blog post, Figure 4 in this is the one which is suitable to your requirement.

In short, when it comes to planning to high availability of vCenter 6, various deployment models are available, vCenter deployed in a VM can be protected by vSphere HA itself, or you can use third party clustering solutions too.

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I'm found this document really useful when install same configuration.

VMware KB: vCenter Single Sign-On and Platform Services Controller High Availability Compatibility M...

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