vCenter with OpenLDAP (SSL) and IdP

Has anyone been able to get OpenLDAP working with their IdP? In our case, we use Okta and I'm currently trying to get the LDAP Interface feature working.

I am able to add the Identity Source created, enumerate users and assign a user to the Administrators role. I have created a dedicated sign-on policy on the Okta side that matches my user and bypasses multifactor authentication. However, no matter how I try to sign in to vCenter, it does not work. I can see in the Okta logs that I am matching the Sign-on policy correctly and the result is ALLOW, however, the result on the vCenter side is "Invalid Credentials" .. even tho the Okta logs show a success.

Has anyone done this sort of implementation with Okta or their own IdP? We want to do this with MFA but I think I need to get the non-MFA working first! Thanks!

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