vCenter update from 7.0 to 7.0.1 U3 stuck

Hello all,

I am trying to update vCenter 7 build to the latest version available from VMWare VC-7.0u1d per their patch download page.

The update was run via the appliance management page and now it is stuck at 94%, "convert data as part of post install" and will not progress any further. According to the console, it looks like nothing has been updated as the version still show the old version.

The Web Sphere page loads but when I log in, it has a banner across the top that says " Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server systems:https://vCenter:443/sdk" and pretty much everything is blank in all tabs and options...

Before that, it read that I didn't have option to view or that it has been deleted...

I closed out the browser and relaunched it and now it says "no healthy upstream"

I am at a lost as to what I can do at this point. Is my only option to recreate the appliance? I can't seem to get the process to finish or cancel 

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