vCenter appliance shell - user permissions


I found vCenter appliance shell useful especially for monitoring (disk space, ram...). But when I create user (in /etc/passwd has /bin/appliancesh) and connect VCSA via SSH, I got appliance shell with no privileges:

Last login: Wed Aug 17 17:37:12 CEST 2016 on pts/0

Last login: Wed Aug 17 17:38:45 2016 from

Error connecting to the server

    * List APIs: "help api list"

    * List Plugins: "help pi list"

    * Enable BASH access: "shell.set --enabled True"

    * Launch BASH: "shell"

Command> help api list

Session expired.

Command> resources.storage.stats.list

Unknown command: `resources.storage.stats.list'


With root everything works. I do not want any "workaround" like "user as root", better solution seems to be permit exact commands, which user is allowed to run.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you


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